Special Metals

Special Metals

Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Finished Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper And Aluminum Pipes & Fittings

We offer wide range of metals such as  stainless steel, brass,Copper,Berrilyum copper,Titanium,Nickel based alloy,Monel,Inconel, Hastalloy,  aluminum and aluminium alloy, Alloy  steels, Carbon steels, Virgin metals, metals powders,  phosper bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Gun metal, Indium Metal, and many more metals in different grades and shapes and sizes. Apart from this we also supply, precision engineered products that are manufactured using ferrous and non-ferrous alloy. Widely used in various industrial applications, medical applications, electronic  application, chemical plants,pharmaceutical plants, paper and pulp plants,and various industries and projects. we not only supply metals in India but we also export metals around the world  major in Middle East, gulf countries.

Stainless Steel Products

Brass Products

Brass SheetsGet Quotation

Brass Sheets

Naval BrassGet Quotation

Naval Brass

Brass Round BarsGet Quotation

Brass Round Bars

Brass Square PipesGet Quotation

Brass Square Pipes

Brass PlatesGet Quotation

Brass Plates

Aluminium Products

Aluminum Alloy PlatesGet Quotation

Aluminum Alloy Plates

Aluminum PipeGet Quotation

Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum SheetsGet Quotation

Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum CoilsGet Quotation

Aluminum Coils

Aluminum PlateGet Quotation

Aluminum Plate

Titanium Products

Titanium SheetsGet Quotation

Titanium Sheets

Titanium RodsGet Quotation

Titanium Rods

Titanium PipesGet Quotation

Titanium Pipes

Titanium FastenersGet Quotation

Titanium Fasteners

Titanium Round BarGet Quotation

Titanium Round Bar


Nickel Alloy

Nickel Alloy BarsGet Quotation

Nickel Alloy Bars

Nickel FlangesGet Quotation

Nickel Flanges

Nichrome WireGet Quotation

Nichrome Wire

Monel Metal

Monel SheetsGet Quotation

Monel Sheets

Monel RodsGet Quotation

Monel Rods

Monel PipesGet Quotation

Monel Pipes

Monel MetalsGet Quotation

Monel Metals

Monel BarsGet Quotation

Monel Bars

Inconel Metal Products

Inconel SheetsGet Quotation

Inconel Sheets

Inconel RodsGet Quotation

Inconel Rods

Inconel PlatesGet Quotation

Inconel Plates

Inconel CoilsGet Quotation

Inconel Coils

Inconel TeeGet Quotation

Inconel Tee

Hastelloy Metal Products

Hastelloy RodsGet Quotation

Hastelloy Rods

Hastelloy SheetsGet Quotation

Hastelloy Sheets

Hastelloy PlatesGet Quotation

Hastelloy Plates

Hastelloy WiresGet Quotation

Hastelloy Wires

Hastelloy PipesGet Quotation

Hastelloy Pipes

Industrial Flanges

Blind FlangesGet Quotation

Blind Flanges


Niobium Round BarsGet Quotation

Niobium Round Bars

Niobium PlateGet Quotation

Niobium Plate

Niobium SheetsGet Quotation

Niobium Sheets

Niobium MetalGet Quotation

Niobium Metal

Niobium RodsGet Quotation

Niobium Rods

Antimony & Indium Ingot

Indium IngotGet Quotation

Indium Ingot

Antimony IngotGet Quotation

Antimony Ingot

Tin IngotsGet Quotation

Tin Ingots

Bronze Products

Bronze BarGet Quotation

Bronze Bar

Bronze NutsGet Quotation

Bronze Nuts

Bronze PlateGet Quotation

Bronze Plate

Lead Products

Lead BarsGet Quotation

Lead Bars

Titanium BasketGet Quotation

Titanium Basket

Lead PlateGet Quotation

Lead Plate

Lead SheetsGet Quotation

Lead Sheets

Lead PipesGet Quotation

Lead Pipes

Molybdenum Products

Molybdenum RodsGet Quotation

Molybdenum Rods

Molybdenum SheetsGet Quotation

Molybdenum Sheets

Molybdenum RodsGet Quotation

Molybdenum Rods

Molybdenum FoilsGet Quotation

Molybdenum Foils

Molybdenum SheetsGet Quotation

Molybdenum Sheets

Tantalum Products

Tantalum PlatesGet Quotation

Tantalum Plates

Tantalum CrucibleGet Quotation

Tantalum Crucible

Tantalum SheetGet Quotation

Tantalum Sheet

Tantalum FastenersGet Quotation

Tantalum Fasteners

Tantalum FoilsGet Quotation

Tantalum Foils

Zinc Products

Zinc StripGet Quotation

Zinc Strip

Zinc PlatesGet Quotation

Zinc Plates

Zinc MetalGet Quotation

Zinc Metal

Zinc SheetsGet Quotation

Zinc Sheets

Zinc IngotsGet Quotation

Zinc Ingots

Metals Products

Mercury MetalsGet Quotation

Mercury Metals

Indium SheetsGet Quotation

Indium Sheets

White Metal IngotsGet Quotation

White Metal Ingots

Silicon LumpsGet Quotation

Silicon Lumps

Gun MetalsGet Quotation

Gun Metals

Alloy 20 Products

Alloy 20 SheetsGet Quotation

Alloy 20 Sheets

Alloy 20 CoilsGet Quotation

Alloy 20 Coils

Alloy 20 PlatesGet Quotation

Alloy 20 Plates

Alloy 20 FlangesGet Quotation

Alloy 20 Flanges

Welded Products

Welded Steel PipesGet Quotation

Welded Steel Pipes

Welded Round PipesGet Quotation

Welded Round Pipes

Seamless Products

Seamless Steel PipesGet Quotation

Seamless Steel Pipes

Seamless TubesGet Quotation

Seamless Tubes

Seamless PipesGet Quotation

Seamless Pipes


Tungsten RodGet Quotation

Tungsten Rod





Stainless Steel


Aluminium Plate 6061Get Quotation

Aluminium Plate 6061

Aluminium Sheet 6061Get Quotation

Aluminium Sheet 6061

Beryllium Copper Foil

Pipe Fittings

Pipe ElbowGet Quotation

Pipe Elbow

Long Radius BendGet Quotation

Long Radius Bend

ANSI Flanges

ANSI FlangesGet Quotation

ANSI Flanges

Copper Products

Copper SheetsGet Quotation

Copper Sheets

Copper Tube FittingsGet Quotation

Copper Tube Fittings

Copper Alloy SheetsGet Quotation

Copper Alloy Sheets

Copper ElbowGet Quotation

Copper Elbow

Nickel Products

Nickel IngotsGet Quotation

Nickel Ingots

Nickel PlatesGet Quotation

Nickel Plates

Nickel StripsGet Quotation

Nickel Strips

Nickel ShotGet Quotation

Nickel Shot

Nickel RodGet Quotation

Nickel Rod


Vanadium SheetGet Quotation

Vanadium Sheet

Vanadium RodGet Quotation

Vanadium Rod

VanadiumGet Quotation



GalliumGet Quotation



GermaniumGet Quotation



Nitinol SheetsGet Quotation

Nitinol Sheets

Nitinol WireGet Quotation

Nitinol Wire

Nitinol RodsGet Quotation

Nitinol Rods

Silver Brazing Rod

Silver Brazing RodGet Quotation

Silver Brazing Rod


Magnesium IngotsGet Quotation

Magnesium Ingots

Cadmium Copper

Cadmium CopperGet Quotation

Cadmium Copper

New Items

Titanium SheetsGet Quotation

Titanium Sheets